Phuket Translation

Phuket Translation is a company dedicated to providing rapid, reliable and reasonable translation services.

Our Services
  1. Certified Translation
    • Languages: English, Thai, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese,
  2. Work Permit
    • Work permit application, renewal and information
  3. Thai Visas
    • Visa extensions, Visa renewals, Retirement visas, Marriage visas, Education visas, 90-day notification, Notification of residence, Overstay clearance, Residence certificate
  4. Corporate Secretarial
    • Company registration, change of company name, change of company address, change of company directors, change of company shareholders, increase/decrease company capital.
  5. Property Registration
    • Registration of property, land, condominium ownership,lease agreement
  6. Condominium Registration
    • Land office and environmental impact assesments
  7. Accounting and Tax Services
    • Monthly with-holding tax, social security, book-keeping.
  8. Notary Public
    • Certification of public documents
  9. External Visas
    • Provision of visa and courier services for those wishing to visit other countries
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